Udupi Palace
1007 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 970-8000
Estimate delivery time is 30 to 60minutes.
Delivery fee is $2 in 3 mile(s) range
Store Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri – Sun: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Udupi PalaceĀ Menu

$5.251. Idly (2 pcs)
Rice and Lentil Patties served with Sambar & Chutney.
$5.252. Ghee Sambar Idly (2pcs)
Non Vegan. Iddly served with ghee immersed in a bowl of sambar
$5.503. Fried Idly
Steamed Rice and Lentil Patties deep fried & served with special spice mixture
$5.254. Medhu Vada (2pcs)
Fried Lentil Donuts served with Sambar & Chutney
$5.255. Sambar Vada (2pcs)
Fried Lentil Donuts served in a bowl of Sambar
$5.256. Rasa Vada (2 pcs)
Fried Lentil Donuts immersed in a bowl of Rasam
$5.257. Dahi Vada (2pcs)
Donuts chilled immersed in of mildly spiced Yogurt. Non Vegan
$5.258. Samosa (2pcs)
Spiced Potato in a crust of fried dough
$5.759. Samosa Chat
Samosa and chick peas topped with spices
$3.9510. Tomato Soupspicy
Cream of Tomato. Non Vegan
$3.9511. Rasam Soupspicy
Tangy Tamarind & Tomato based Herbal Hot Soup
$3.9512. Sambar Soup
Spiced Lentil Soup
TopDOSAS: Served with Sambar & Coconut Chutney
$7.5013. Sada Dosa
Thin crepe made from rice and lentil
$8.5014. Masala Dosa
Crepe stuffed with spiced potato
$8.9515. Onion Masala Dosa
Thin Rice Crepe stuffed with spiced Potatoes and sauted onions
$8.9516. Mysore Sada Dosa
Spiced Crepe smeared inside with Spicy Chutney
$8.9517. Mysore Masala Dosa
Spiced Crepe with Potatoes smeared with Spicy chutney
$8.9518. Spinach Masala Dosa
Thin Crepe smeared with Spinach with spiced Potatoes
$8.9519. Gobi Chettinad Dosa
Topped with caulifower & spi Chettinad Masala
$8.9520. Sada Rava Dosa
Thin Crepe of Cream of Wheat
$9.9521. Special Rava Dosa
Thin Crepe of Cream of Wheat with Onions
$8.9522. Special Rava Masala Dosa
Special Rava Dosa stuffed with Potatoes & Onions
$9.9523. Udupi Special Spring Dosa
Mysore Masala Dosa stuffed with fresh vegetables
$9.9524. Paneer Bhurji Dosa
Dosa stuffed with special shredded Cottage Cheese. Non Vegan
TopUTHAPAMS: Served with Sambar & Coconut Chutney
$7.9525. Plain Uthapam
Rice and Lentil Pancake
$8.9526. Mixed Vegetable Uthapam
Uthappam topped with Mixed Vegetables
$8.9527. Onion and Hot Chili Uthappam
Uthappam topped with Onion and Pepper
$8.9528. Onion and Peas Uthappam
Uthappam topped with Green Peas and Onion
$8.9529. Tomato and Peas Uthappam
Uthappam topped with Tomato and Peas
$8.9530. Tomato Omelet Uthapam
Chick Peas Flour Batter with Tomato and Spices. Non Vegan
$8.9531. Pineapple Uthapam
Uthappam topped with diced Pineapple
$9.9532. Paneer Peas Uthapam
Uthappam topped with Cottage Cheese and Peas
$9.9533. Spicy Gobi Chettinad Uthapam
Uthappam topped with cauliflower and Spicy Chettinad masala
$8.9534. Masala Uthapam
Spiced Potato Topping
TopCURRIES: Served with Rice, Poori, Pickle, Raita
$10.9535. Avial Curry
Fresh vegetables cooked in mild cococnut sauce. Non Vegan
$10.9536. Chana Masala Curry
Chick Peas cooked in onion sauce
$10.9537. Vegetable Korma Curry
Fresh Vegetables cooked with Cream and mild Spices
$10.9538. Saag Paneer Curry
Cottage cheese cubes in mild-spiced Spinach gravy. Non Vegan
$10.9539. Paneer Makhani Curry
Cottage cheese cubes in Tomato & Cream gravy. Non Vegan
$10.9540. Aloo Mutter Curry
Potato and peas curry
$10.9541. Special Veggie Curry
Fresh Veg cooked in spicy curry and coconut sauce
$10.9542. Kadai Bhindi Curry
Okra cooked with herbs and spices
$10.9543. Mutter Paneer Curry
Cottage cheese and peas curry
$11.9545. Malabar Parotha
Multi-layered bread served with Vegetable Korma and Channa Masala
$11.9546. Udupi Combo
Choice of Dosas (13 TO 17) OR Uthappam served with Idly & Medu vada
$10.9547. Chana Bhatura
Batura served with Spicy Chick Pea Curry
$12.9548. Mini-Thali
Assorted platter of soup, curries, rice and dessert
$10.9549. Poori Masala (3pcs)
Served with coconut chutney and potato bhaji
$10.9549. Chappati Masala (4pcs)
Served with coconut chutney and potato bhaji
$8.9550. Bisi Bele Bhath
Rice cooked with Lentils and fresh Vegetables
$8.9551. Vegetable Biryani
Saffron rice cooked with fresh Vegetable and Aromatic Spices
$8.9552. Tamarind Rice
Rice flavoured with tamarind spice
$8.9551. Lemon Rice
Rice flavored with Lemon juice and spices
$8.9552. Bagala Bhat
Yogurt Rice garnished with Mustard seeds and Cucumber
$7.9553. Pongal
Rice and Lentils cooked with mild Spices and seasoned
$1.5054. Poori
$1.5054. Chapati
$3.9555. Paratha
$3.9555. Batura
$4.9556. Aloo Paratha
$1.5057. Papad (2pcs)
$1.2558. Sambar
$1.2558. Rice
$1.2558. Chutney
$1.2558. Raita
$1.5059. Soda
$1.9560. Madras Coffee
House Special Milk Coffee
$1.9561. Masala Tea
Spiced Milk Tea
$1.9562. Lassi
Yogurt Drink, Sweet or Salty
$2.9963. Mango Lassi
$2.9964. Mango Juice
$3.2564. Carrot Halwa
$3.2565. Gulab Jamun